Essential Oils For Mite Control

Essential Oils For Mite Control This honey bee management tip will show how I use essential oils and honey b.
The commonly used essential oils for varroa control, are thymol, eucalyptus, and wintergreen. These oils can be applied singly or in concert. When applied as fumigants, the effectiveness of thymol and other essential oils against varroa mites depends greatly on temperature, time of the year and colony strength.
Also useful against Varroa mites and works in much the same way as Thymol oil. Peppermint: General purpose pheromone masking scent that does not mimic any of the honeybee pheromones. (Any strong scented essential oil will work for this). Tea Tree: Used in grease patties for control of mites.
Using essential oils to control varroa mites, showing recipes, ways and means to avoid the use of chemicals.
I'm a 2nd year beekeeper with two hives and I have been told that I need to use Apivar or some other chemical in my hives to treat mites right .
Can essential oils help my hive fight varroa mites? If you are. . Some people spray their bees with sugar water when working in them instead of using a smoker.
tested in field trials. Thymol and thymol blended with essential oils or essential oil components. been used successfully for mite control. For different reasons .

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