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Taking care of pets is a highly rewarding experience. Still, you might need Carpet Cleaners Oakland’s professional carpet cleaning services when you have them inside the house. After all, cats, dogs, and every other animal love to lie down, roll around, and sleep on carpets and other upholstered furniture. And the results can be quite unpleasant.


Just think about this: if you love your carpets, your pets will undoubtedly love it, too. Unfortunately, pets and carpets do not go well together, especially when your pet is not yet trained. They are known to pee and leave their poop on the fabric. And when this happens, it is a home owner’s nightmare. 

Carpet Cleaners Oakland

But these are not the only carpet problems you will face when you have pets around. Sure, pet problems are inevitable. However, you can be prepared and face these problems armed with the best solution. Or, better yet, know how to prevent carpet disasters caused by your beloved pets.


Tips for Pet Owners from a Carpet Cleaner Expert 


  1. Clean “accidents” (AKA pee or poop) as soon as possible. Observe your pet and watch for signs that he is about to pee or poo. When you see these signs, take him outside so he can take care of his business. When it is already too late, immediately take action and clean up wet messes. You can use a portable extractor for this. But good old rags or paper towels work to absorb the wetness, too. 
  2. Don’t press on your towels or rags too hard. Doing so causes the liquid to go deeper into your carpet. Try to gently but firmly dab them instead. Better yet, use a carpet extractor to do the job of removing wetness.
  3. Use a Bio-Enzymatic cleaner. It is a worthy investment if you have pets in the house. This specific cleaner can take care of pet urine problems on carpets and can effectively remove the pungent smell of urine from the fabric.
  4. Keep a carpet stain remover on hand. When cleaning still leaves a stain on your carpet, grab your stain remover and let it do magic.
  5. A putty knife works great for solid messes. Whether it is poop or something else, a firm mess can be easily taken care of with a putty knife. Press the knife firmly on the carpet, a reasonable distance away from the problem, and scrape it up into a dust pan.
  6. Regularly clean your carpets. This is the best advice to all homeowners, not just to those with pets in the house. When there are no traces of “accidents” on your carpets, pets are unlikely to offend the same area again.


When you follow these tips, your carpet will look new for longer. You get to enjoy the company and affection of your fur babies (or whatever your pet may be) and still keep your carpet in the best condition. That’s hitting two birds with one stone.

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But when worse comes to worst, you can always call the experts of Carpet Cleaners Oakland for professional help. After all, there will always be disasters that only professionals can handle. And you can never go wrong with the best and effective carpet cleaning methods from this team.


Get to know for yourself and check out how efficient Carpet Cleaners Oakland is.