Labdanum Essential Oil

Labdanum Essential Oil Pure Labdanum Essential Oil 30ml (Cistus ladaniferus): Beauty.
A scent with a long, rich history, Labdanum is perhaps most valued in perfumery,. The essential oil of Cistus ladanifer, the plant which produces resinous .
The Oil extracted from the Labdanum resinoid has a warm sweet, musky, amber. note with a strong aroma, Labdanum Essential Oil has a warm sweet, musky, .
The essential oil of Labdanum is a powerful anti-hemorrhagic and healing. This organic essential oil also a very good anti-wrinkle and astringent active.
Labdanum Absolute is obtained by solvent extraction of the resinous leaves and twigs – a world away from steam distilled Cistus essential oil. The increasing .
Amber Sweetie Essential Oil. Odor: characteristic. Use: Adam Michael has this to say “Wow what a material, amber warm with sticky sweet medicinal qualities .
Labdanum essential oil, also known as Cistus oil, is of great benefit when included in a lymph massage blend, also when applied to the shoulders and neck to .
Labdanum, also called ladanum, laudanum, ladan or ladanon, is a sticky brown resin obtained. An essential oil is produced by steam distillation. The raw gum .

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